Le Xu

Graduate Student
Home page:http://lexu1.web.engr.illinois.edu

Select publications

  1. Kalim, Faria, Le Xu, Sharanya Bathey, Richa Meherwal, Indranil Gupta. "Henge: Intent-driven Multi-Tenant Stream Processing," Symposium of Cloud Computing (SoCC), 2018. [pdf] [pptx]
  2. Ghosh, Mainak, Ashwini Raina, Le Xu, Xiaoyao Qian, Indranil Gupta, Himanshu Gupta. "Popular is Cheaper: Curtailing Memory Costs in Interactive Analytics Engines", Proc. ACM European Conference on Computer Systems (Eurosys), 2018. [pdf] [pptx]
  3. Xu, Le, Boyang Jerry Peng, Indranil Gupta. "Stela: Enabling Stream Processing Systems to Scale-in and Scale-out On-demand," Proc. IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E), 2016. [pdf] [pptx]
  4. Xu, Le. "Stela: On-demand Elasticity in Distributed Data Stream Processing Systems," MS Thesis, 2015. [pdf] [pptx]
  5. Peng, Boyang Jerry, Le Xu, Indranil Gupta. "(Video Demo) Stela: Incorporating Scale out/in Capability into Apache Storm", Video Demo, 2015.
  6. Wang, Wenting, Le Xu, Indranil Gupta. "Scale up Vs. Scale out in Cloud Storage and Graph Processing Systems," Proc. IEEE Workshop on Cloud Analytics (IWCA) (colocated with IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E)), 2015. [pdf] [pptx]