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A Toolkit for Generating Probabilistic Distributed Protocols from Sequence Equation Systems

SeqGen automates the methodology presented in our SASO 2008 paper. See "Documentation" below.

A wide variety of scientists and engineers use sequence equations to express their results and ideas. We have translated a subclass of sequence equation systems into useful distributed protocols such as multiplicative protocol, logistic protocol, etc. The generated distributed protocols have equivalent stochastic behavior as the original equation system. The resulting protocols are also probabilistically scalable and reliable, utilize low bandwidths at each process and have low convergence times. The SeqGen toolkit will allow designers of distributed protocols to automatically generate compilable and runnable C code given an input system of sequence equations. We expect the toolkit to be useful to researchers and designers using natural analogies to design distributed systems by cutting short the protocol design life cycle. The system is written in Java and the protocol code outputted is in C. The toolkit is designed to run on Linux/Unix and Windows.

People Key contributors to the SeqGen Toolkit.
Documentation How to install and use the system, together with code-level documentation.
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If you have any comments about this work, or are interested in using the toolkit for your own purposes, we would like to hear from you. Please send us some email.

The SeqGen Project
Last modified: Apr 17,2008